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Flamberge Package

General Info

Flamberge creates Value for the farmers growing Vegetables & Fruits by offering them the Competitive Advantage with its unique high-value formulation technology through timely intervention with the crop’s physiological processes & efficient resource utilization for enhanced crop vigour & higher quality produce with better Advantages.

Flamberge is the Bio Stimulant based on amino acids and peptides (chain of amino acids).

It is obtained through the hydrolysis process of break down of proteins to peptides and amino acids for easy absorption and assimilation by the plant cells.

It has fast uptake assimilation and transport through leaves and roots.

It stimulates the absorption and efficiency of nutrient use.

It enables the tolerance to abiotic stress.

It has all the 17 amino acids in it.

With the presence of all the amino acids, Flamberge will help in performing the biological mechanisms in the plants.

Flamberge provides the chelating action to the metals and helps in the transport and assimilation by plant leaves.

Application and Dose

Flamberge can be applied as a foliar spray and through fertigation.

Foliar Spray: Use 200-250 ml per acre

Fertigation: 1 – 1.5 ml/L of water

Give Your Crop - The Flamberge Advantage!