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Growth Regulators


The most efficient bio-fertiliser! Tormos can increase the plant's resistance against drought and other climatic stresses and much more.

tormos package

General Info 

Tormos is a Mycorrhizal Bio-fertiliser. 

What is Mycorrhiza?
Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic fungi whose thread-like hyphae colonize plant roots internally. The fungus reaches out into the soil increasing the potential root zone, which provides a means for the plants to seek out water and nutrients more efficiently.

Benefits of using Tormos: 

  • Increased and efficient nutrient uptake of macro and micro-nutrients (especially P) from the soil.
  • Increased plant resistance against drought and other climatic stresses.
  • Production of growth hormones and substances which enhances early flowering and fruit setting.
  • Stimulation of the population of beneficial micro-organisms and their activity in mycorrhizosphere.
  • Increased plant bio-mass production and mineralization process, thereby reducing leaching and volatilization.
  • Organic matter decomposition, better seedling establishment, stimulation of root production, pathogen resistance and stimulation of photosynthesis.