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Do Dhari Talwar - Dual Action Herbicide for Broad Leaves & Grassy weeds

Shaked Package

General Info

Shaked is an early post herbicide with broad spectrum activity on Grasses and broad leaved weeds.

Shaked combines two Active Ingredients with two different mode of action. It hinders Amino acid synthesis (Protein synthesis) and also Fatty acid synthesis. This leads to disruption of the DNA synthesis and cell growth and ultimately the weeds get killed.

Shaked has a unique formulation combining two different actives with inbuilt adjuvant for ease of use & application.

It has a superior micro emulsion formulation Technology.

Shaked should be applied at 2 to 4 leaf stages of weeds with adequate moisture in the soil.

It requires only 1- 2 hrs of Rain free period for complete absorption in to the leaf system.

Shaked is available in the pack sizes of 50ml, 100ml, 350ml, 500ml and 1ltr.