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Man at field

Simply. Grow. Together.

Man at field

What does 'Simply' mean? It means greater certainty and better planning. These are ways we will help improve the quality of life of farmers and their families. For us, it means new ways of doing things internally.

'Grow' is the ultimate benefit of simplicity for farmers, in every sense of the word: yield growth, business growth, status growth, farming growth. This takes us further than exceptional support in the field. We’ll provide assistance and guidance from sowing to sales, for business and beyond. This support will help farmers reestablish their deserved status in the community. It is also about our commitment to our people and their ability to stretch and change.

Finally, 'Together' is about delivery and progress. ‘Together’ is the specific way we develop and deliver simplicity – with families, peers, and the rest of farming – a call to work together across markets and functions for the benefit of the business.

As Adama employees, as farmers, as custodians of the land, we will work together to find ways that create simplicity and enable growth. Farming is too important for one person or business to lead the agenda alone: we all need to share the responsibility.