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ADAMA's Promise

Our promise to our customers and stakeholders is simple. Talk to us and we will truly listen, learn about the challenges you face, and deliver what you need to succeed.

Our Story

Our company's story begins with four young entrepreneurs whose passion for chemistry drove them to launch two Israeli crop protection companies, Agan (1945) and Makhteshim (1952). Both companies played vital roles in shaping Israel’s ground-breaking chemical and agricultural industries and together they became an international powerhouse when they merged in 1997 to create Makhteshim Agan. With the launch of our global brand in 2014, the company became known as ADAMA.

Today, ADAMA is a member of the Syngenta Group, the world’s largest agricultural inputs company.

History of ADAMA

At a Glance

  • 7th largest crop protection company
  • Sales in over 100 countries
  • $4.1 billion in sales in 2020
  • More than 9,000 employees
  • Largest portfolio of over 270 active ingredients
  • 4 global research and development centers
  • 22 synthesis and formulation production sites
  • Traded on the Shenzhen stock exchange
Hands Holding Grapes

Listen > Learn > Deliver

We proactively seek opportunities to listen to what our customers, experts and colleagues have to say, taking in their inputs and learning from their experience. We combine these insights with our expertise and respond with new products, solutions, services, tailored commercial policies, or information that is relevant to them.

We are passionate about agriculture and approach what we do as much more than just a job. Our straightforward, get-it-done attitude helps us stay focused on what we care about most: helping our customers create more sustainable, profitable businesses.



  • Listen > Learn > Deliver
    Our promise to our customers
  • ADAMA's history
    From its humble beginnings in 1943 and where we are today.
  • Because it's what we do