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Fodder beet
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With ADAMA's proven and comprehensive toolbox for optimum efficacy and flexibility.

Flexible and Robust Herbicide Programme

ADAMA's flexible and highly effective herbicide programme comprises of GOLTIX® GOLD, GOLTIX WG HERBICIDE, TOREROTM (previously GOLTIX UNO), ETHOSAT® HERBICIDE, and RIFLE®.

Based on a robust pre-emergence spray (GOLTIX and ETHOSAT) and follow-up (GOLTIX, ETHOSAT and RIFLE or TORERO and RIFLE) to control any subsequent weeds, the programme not only gives highly effective weed control, but also buys more time in case of adverse weather and/or other unforeseen events.

Healthy fodder beet

Beet Potential Unlocked

  • Healthy sugar beet, Bruce and Jacquie Tiddy, Matamata
    ADAMA toolkit, good husbandry, and experts combine
    Leading Matamata dairy farmers Bruce and Jacquie Tiddy used the ADAMA programme for their 22 ha of sugar beet crop including insecticide MAVRIK, herbicide GOLTIX and foliar fungicide CUSTODIA. Yields pushed 30 tonnes of DM/ha and 15.2 ME, the result of meticulous weed, pest and disease control, sound technical advice and experience.