Healthy beet with ADAMA’s extensive beet protection toolbox

ADAMA has developed an extensive beet portfolio covering a specially designed herbicide programme, a new foliar fungicide as well as a proven insecticide.

The flexible and highly effective herbicide programme comprises GOLTIX® GOLD, GOLTIX WG HERBICIDE, GOLTIX UNO HERBICIDE, ETHOSAT® HERBICIDE, and RIFLE®. Based on a robust pre-emergence spray (GOLTIX and ETHOSAT) and follow-up (GOLTIX, ETHOSAT and RIFLE or GOLTIX UNO and RIFLE) to control any subsequent weeds, the programme not only gives highly effective weed control, but also buys more time in case of adverse weather and/or other unforeseen events. 

ADAMA’s toolbox now also covers foliar fungicide CUSTODIA® for healthy and greener leaves, featuring a WHP of only 28 days. To round it all off, PYRINEX® 500EC provides effective control of insect pests such as aphids and - NEW - beneficial friendly MAVRIK® AQUAFLO INSECTICIDE is now available for powerful control of cutworm and Nysius in beet.

All products have been rigorously tested and refined to complement New Zealand growing conditions and beet varieties and are backed by robust trial results.