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MESOFLEX is your selective herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in grain and silage maize.

MESOFLEX pack shot

Maize success with ADAMA

Keep your maize paddock clean with an effective weed and pest programme from paddock selection through to established crop

Why look after your maize crop?

Good weed control is one of the cornerstones of ensuring a good maize yield. Yet, quite often the benefits of efficient weed control, especially applied post emergence, are not seen at the time of a potential application. Once weeds are established and harvesting is around the corner, it is simply too late to salvage the crop from weed infestation.

Often a clean looking paddock might have an unexpected heavy weed germination later on. This is because buried weed seeds are able to delay their germination until they get closer to the soil surface.

Additionally, some weed species can last for decades (e.g. scotch thistle and broom corn millet). Moreover, weeds that emerge before canopy closure will compete with the maize crop and significantly impact on yield. It has been shown many times in the field that maize yields decline with increasing delay in herbicide applications. Yield losses of 30% are common, with losses even up to 70% in the Waikato region. Spraying too early is better than leaving it too late. Weeds are highly competitive if they germinate and compete with the crop at the same time.

Reaping the rewards with effective weed control

By incorporating a strong herbicide programme, especially with a post-emergence application, yield losses can be kept to a minimum with very low chemical input costs. The best approach is by using a robust pre-emergence application of herbicides ACIERTO® and ATRANEX® FLOW, followed by a post-emergence application of MESOFLEXMESOFLEX can be used pre-and post-emergence, featuring a wider range of broadleaf weed control than other post-emergence products on the market for maize.