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ADAMA Receives Registration for ACTAVAN®, its First Global Bio-Fungicide, in Peru

ACTAVAN® was developed in collaboration with Waikaitu; uses plant extracts as a novel active ingredient against fruit rots
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Beijing, China, and Tel Aviv, Israel, August 10, 2023 - ADAMA Ltd, one of the world’s leading crop protection companies, announced the registration of its global bio-control product, ACTAVAN®, in Peru. ACTAVAN® is ADAMA's first global bio-fungicide developed in collaboration with the New Zealand company Waikaitu Ltd.

ACTAVAN® uses plant extracts to effectively prevent the occurrence of fruit rots in crops such as grapes, berries, and certain vegetables, while also improving their quality. In addition, ACTAVAN® increases the sugar content, peel firmness, size, and weight of the berries, also reducing fruit splitting. 

As a biological product, ACTAVAN® is compatible with organic farming and integrated pest management (IPM) practices ACTAVAN® represents a significant innovation in ADAMA’s biological offering and complements the existing ADAMA portfolio by providing effective and reliable fungicidal action for all type of farming using a novel active ingredient. 

“Farmers around the world are searching for an effective bio-fungicide that allows them to incorporate sustainable agricultural practices, and still produce high quality fruits and berries,” said Walter Costa, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at ADAMA. “A great collaboration with Waikaitu led to a novel and powerful bio-fungicide that meets both the complex requirements of the value chain, and the high-quality performance standards that fruits and vegetables producers have been waiting for.” 

ACTAVAN® is a bio-fungicide that stimulates the plant's immune system at a systemic level and consistently deliver positive results. Additionally, unlike many other fungicides, there is no pre-harvest interval for ACTAVAN®, which gives farmers more freedom to plan crop treatment schedules. 

“We’re proud to work together with ADAMA to deliver this vital product that helps farmers maintain the balance of nature,” said Alex Pressman, CEO and founder at Waikaitu Ltd. “Sustainable farming is the future for feeding the world’s population in a way that is better for the planet and better for business. ACTAVAN® leads the way by protecting plants from harmful fungal diseases and improving fruit quality, while still meeting organic and sustainable farming requirements.” 

ACTAVAN® is currently registered for use in Peru, and ADAMA expects to register the product in other Latin American countries, and in more regions such as Asia-Pacific and Europe, in the near future. ADAMA has more than 50 biological solutions in its portfolio, such as Bralic, a pesticide based on garlic extract, and Protégé, a microbiological nematicide and fungicide. 

ADAMA Ltd. is a global leader in crop protection, providing solutions to farmers across the world to combat weeds, insects and disease. ADAMA has one of the widest and most diverse portfolios of active ingredients in the world, as well as state-of-the-art R&D, manufacturing and formulation facilities. With a culture that empowers our people to listen to farmers and ideate from the field, ADAMA is uniquely positioned to offer a vast array of distinctive mixtures, formulations and high-quality differentiated products, delivering solutions that meet local farmer and customer needs in over 100 countries globally. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter® at @ADAMAAgri.

ADAMA Contact:
Tal Moise
Public Relations