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Trivor® 310 DC

Choose Trivor®310 DC a rapid knockdown insecticide with long residual control activity on wide range of cocoa insects and pests.

Trivor- excellent formulation for control of cocoa insects

Apply Trivor®  and enjoy the satisfaction of a thriving cocoa field for more yield.

Say goodbye to invasive mealybugs wreaking havoc on your precious cocoa fields with Trivor, the groundbreaking insecticide that's setting new standards in pest control. Designed to tackle a wide array of insects, Trivor® emerges as the unrivaled champion with great results.Tried it yet? 

Why Choose Trivor?

  • Revitalize Your Cocoa Harvests: Mealybugs can devastate your cocoa yield, but with Trivor by your side, you're in control. Our advanced formula targets mealybugs at their source, ensuring your cocoa plants thrive and flourish.
  •  Cutting-Edge Pest Defense: Trivor's innovative approach combines effectiveness with environmental responsibility. It's engineered to strike precisely at pests while minimizing any adverse impact on beneficial insects and your cocoa ecosystem.
  •  Science-Backed Results: Backed by extensive research and proven field trials, Trivor is not just another insecticide – it's a game-changer. Our formula is tailored to deliver consistent, dependable results, providing you with peace of mind season after season.
  • Sustainable Farming: Join the movement towards sustainable cocoa production with Trivor. Its carefully curated ingredients break down naturally, ensuring your cocoa fields remain fertile and thriving for years to come.
  • Expert-Approved: Trusted by agronomists and farmers alike, Trivor is the result of cutting-edge science and a deep understanding of pest behavior. Empower your cocoa fields with the expertise that only Trivor can provide.

Product Benefits 

  • Trivor proactively checks swollen shoot diseases by controlling devastating insects like mealybugs and other wide range of insects in cocoa
  • Safe for crop - quality formulation
  • Save cost - apply less for more harvest.
  • Quick knockdown
  • Two mode action
  • Quality cocoa bean

Mealybugs and other ruinous field insects can wreak havoc in your cocoa field and result in huge harvest loss. Advance your insect and pest management strategy with Trivor and experience a flourishing field for bountiful harvest


General Info


At ADAMA, constantly seeking better and more effective solutions for farmers is highly demonstrated in Trivor's powerful molecular formula of Acetamiprid 186g/l + Pyriproxyfen 124 g/l which delivers exceptional long residual action against cocoa pod diseases and insects like Mirids, Stem borers, Mealy bugs, Green bugs, and wide range of field insects and pest.

Trivor delivers an exceptional result by offering a rapid knockdown and residual control, targeting pests through ingestion and direct contact. 



Recommended mixing steps

  • Half fill the spray tank with clean water.
  • Empty the required quantity (dosage) of the product into the spray tank - 10ml/11L of water or 0.05L to 55L of water/ha
  • Top up the water to the recommended level and agitate gently for thorough and even mixture. 

Safety Tips

  • Handle plant protection products with care
  • READ product label before use

What crop is protected by Trivor?


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