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Galil® 300 SC

Fast-acting, contact and systemic insecticide; effective on a wide range of insect pests, especially cocoa mirids (capsids).

Galil- insecticide for wide range of insects and pest- proudly ADAMA

Galil®300 SC is a unique combination of two different effective molecules (Bifenthrin 50g/l + Imidachloprid 250g/l) and therefore has efficient systemic and contact activity against a wide range of insects and pests in cocoa field.

General Info

Galil 300 SC is a combination of Bifenthrin + Imidachloprid with an effective activity on wide range of insects and pests in cocoa. 

Why Choose Galil® 300 SC?

  • Proven Efficacy: Benefitting from rigorous research and extensive field trials, Galil 300 SC stands as a proven and reliable solution for effective insect control, earning the confidence of farmers globally.
  • Prolonged Protection: With a residual presence that persists, Galil 300 SC ensures sustained defence, leaving no opportunity for pests to stage a resurgence.
  • Eco-Conscious Formulation: Embrace peace of mind as Galil 300 SC is thoughtfully crafted with environmental considerations, providing a protective shield for both your crops and the planet.
  • Effortless Application: Seamlessly integrate Galil 300 SC into your pest management routine with its user-friendly application instructions, designed to simplify its incorporation into your agricultural practices.

Quality Yields Quantity

Maximize your harvest potential with Galil 300 SC. A premium formulation tailored to empower farmers in achieving higher yields and increased profitability.

 Experience the benefit of Galil 300 SC. Try it today!
  • Crop-Friendly: Ensuring the safety of your crops.
  • Swift Knockdown Impact: Rapidly controls pest populations.
  • Elevate Produce Excellence: Enhancing the overall quality of your agricultural output.
  • Dual-Mode Action: Two-pronged approach for comprehensive pest management.

Choose Galil 300 SC for a future of thriving crops and bountiful yield.

Application Advice

Application Rates

15-20 ml per 15 L of water.


Half-fill the spray tank with clean water. Add the required amount of Galil 300 SC to the water and gently agitate the machine. Fill the spray tank to the squired level while agitating continuously.


Apply when signs of pest outbreaks are seen.


Pre-harvest interval is 7 days.

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