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Diazol® 50 EW

Broad spectrum, controls major insect pests in all crops, soil-dwelling insect pests, scale insects and mealy bugs; particularly effective if used with EOS.

Diazol® controls wide range of insects in various crops-proudly ADAMA

Why choose Diazol® 50 EW?

Sucking insects, ants, termites, mites, mealybugs, cutworms, beetles and wide range of insects are under total control when the acting molecules of Diazol strikes.

General Info

Diazol 50 EW is broad-spectrum with contact and ingestion activity. Mainly a contact insecticide, but also acts as stomach poison to chewing insects. Well tolerated by crops. Compatible with many commonly used insecticides, acaricides and fungicides, but not with copper-based pesticides. The acting molecules of Diazinon controls mirids and mealy bugs.

Used for such crops as cocoa, coffee, fruit trees, pawpaw, vegetables, ornamentals, house-hold, veterinary use.


Usage Specification:

In all cases, start application when first sign of pest infestation appear. Repeat application every 10-14 days till there are no threats of pests.

Application Advice

Application Rates

Crops Pests Rates
Fruit trees Sucking insects, ants, termites, scale insects 50-80 ml in 15L water
Vegetables Sucking insects, defoliators, mites 50-80 ml in 15L water
Pineapple Mealybugs, ants, scale insects 50-80 ml in 15L water
Household Spiders, beetles, ants, bugs, fleas, cockroaches 50-80 ml in 15L water
Veterinary use Face lice, houseflies, ticks, lice, fleas 150-200 ml in 15L water
Legumes Soil-borne insect pests/cutworm 50-80 ml in 15L water



Fill th spray tank with half the required amount of water. Add the recommendede amount of Diazol 50 EW and mix well. Top up the spray tank with water to the required level and agitate well to ensure thorough mixture. For improved efficacy of Diazol 50 EW add EOS at a rate of 10-15% to the spray solution.


In all cases, start application when first signs of pest infestation appear. Use higher doses for hard-to-kill pests. Repeat application every 10-14 days till there are threats of pests.


Pre-harvest interval is 7 days.

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