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Why is ADAMA Different?

We are all in this business because we love agriculture...the business of 'growing'...the passion of feeding our communities, our country, and the world. It's that simple.

But getting to that end result, especially in this last decade, has unfortunately become anything but simple.

At ADAMA, we think it's time for a change. And our driving philosophy -- Listen > Learn > Deliver --- was developed with that change in mind.

We LISTEN to the retailers and distributors, the growers, our employees and the agronomic scientists who are continually working to ensure our industry is the most profitable, agronomically sound and sustainable that it can be.

From those same people, we LEARN what they need from crop protection companies, and from ADAMA specifically, to help them achieve and exceed those goals.

What we have learned is:

  • The myriad of products available is overwhelming.
  • Getting supply and delivery of products on time and correctly can be a challenge.
  • Complicated grower programs take precious time away from dealing with what matters most.

Basically, what could be simple, is just not anymore.

So, with that in mind, ADAMA has a desire to be different!  We hire people who truly embody our philosophy, not only to listen, and learn but to develop and DELIVER:

  • 270+ available actives that allow growers to deal with fewer chemical companies, reducing the complexity of the retail order
  • The ability to fast track tank-mix solutions for key pests
  • The ability for growers to find real agronomic solutions from one company's tool box.
  • No grower programs ... just great products and a great price with great service.

In short, products, solutions and services that help us all to focus on what we have are passionate about.

Listen > Learn > Deliver.

It can be that simple.