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DI-BAK G Herbicide

For the control of tree weeds and unwanted tree plants in forestry, pasture, commercial, industrial and public service areas.

Di Bak G_Packshot

Injecta 400 plus Di-Bak Capsules

Injecta 400: The Adama InJecta system has been designed specifically for use with Adama and Di-Bak capsulated products. The InJecta system provides a fast and efficient approach for the delivery of capsule products into tree stems.

Di-Bak G: For the control of woody weeds and unwanted trees in forestry, pasture, commercial, industrial, and public service areas. Di-Bak G capsules contain Glyphosate and are inserted directly into the trunk ensuring an effective kill with no adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Di-Bak G is available in 200 or 1000 capsule bottles for insertion into the Injecta gun. 

For more information on the Injecta 400 click the link here.