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Injecta 400

The Injecta 400®Controlling woody weeds and unwanted trees just got easier!


This new technology seals glyphosate capsules, (Di-Bak G) directly into woody weeds, killing them from the inside with no unintended environmental casualties.

Only the Injecta technology allows treatment under many different weather conditions and in challenging terrain. Targeting tree killing, with less chemical, than ever before, reducing your cost of doing business and your environmental footprint.

For information on Di-Bak G click the link here.

General Info

Injecta 400 plus Di-Bak Capsules

Injecta 400: The Adama InJecta system has been designed specifically for use with Adama and Di-Bak capsulated products. The InJecta system provides a fast and efficient approach for the delivery of capsule products into tree stems.

Di-Bak G: For the control of woody weeds and unwanted trees in forestry, pasture, commercial, industrial, and public service areas. Di-Bak G capsules contain Glyphosate and are inserted directly into the trunk ensuring an effective kill with no adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Di-Bak G is available in 200 or 1000 capsule bottles for insertion into the Injecta gun.