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GOLTIX is your highly effective pre- and post-emergence herbicide for controlling a wide range of broadleaf weeds in beet.

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Goltix pack shot

Unbeatable beet solutions

ADAMA's specifically designed herbicide programme, builds on a robust pre-emergence spray with a follow up to control any subsequent weeds. This not only gives you highly effective weed control, but also more time in case of adverse weather effects and/or other unforeseen events.

The herbicide products in the beet programme include GOLTIX GOLD, TOREROTM, ETHOSAT®, and RIFLE®.

New additions are also MAVRIK® AQUAFLO Insecticide for powerful, yet soft Nysius and cutworm control and foliar fungicide CUSTODIA® with only 28 days withholding period.

All products have been rigorously tested and refined to complement New Zealand growing conditions and are backed by robust trial results.