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  • DI Bak G

    The Injecta 400® Plus Di-Bak G®

    Controlling woody weeds and unwanted trees just got easier.
  • Farmer picks an avocado_web

    Increasing our Biological Portfolio

    ADAMA to Acquires the Remaining stakes of its Bio Stimulants Business in Chile
  • Wheat
    Protect SDHI and triazole activity


    Use of PHOENIX multi-site fungicide remains critical to protecting single-site fungicide performance
  • Hands Holding Grapes

    ADAMA 2022 ESG Report Is...

    Highlights significant progress in portfolio and operational sustainability
  • Damian
    2023 Product Guide is here

    Product Guide

    View all of the latest product offerings

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ADAMA Solutions

  • Maize
    Weed control a critical component of high yield maize crops
    John Austin Contracting, one of the Waikato’s largest agricultural contractors uses a range of product in his business, but when it comes to controlling weed growth in post emergence maize crops, knows he can rely on ADAMA herbicides. The ADAMA range is comprehensive, so we can select the right solution for our clients.
  • Healthy sugar beet, Bruce and Jacquie Tiddy, Matamata
    ADAMA toolkit, good husbandry, and experts combine
    Leading Matamata dairy farmers Bruce and Jacquie Tiddy used the ADAMA programme for their 22 ha of sugar beet crop including insecticide MAVRIK®, herbicide GOLTIX® and foliar fungicide CUSTODIA®. Yields pushed 30 tonnes of DM/ha and 15.2 ME, the result of meticulous weed, pest and disease control, sound technical advice and experience.