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Pyrinex quick 424 EC

Broad spectrum, with residual and fast-acting contact properties to control insect pests in field crops, ornamentals and in-doors; also for wood protection in buildings...

pyrinex quick 424

General Info

WHO Toxicity Class II (Moderately toxic)

Application Advice

Application Rates and Methods

Crops/sites Major pests Dosages Methods of application
Lawns, legumes, vegetables, ornamentals, pineapple Crickets, defoliators, mealybugs, aphids, ants, termites, other soil-borne pests, leaf miners 40-70 ml/15 L of water

Lawns: Use 400 ml of solution per m2. Water lawn thereafter.

Ornamentals: Spray to drip.

Pineapple: Dip sucker in solution before planting. Drench base threrafter.

Soil treatment Crickets, termites, ants,  other soil-borne pests 80 ml/15L of water Drench soil for 5-7 days prior to planting. Repeat when necessary.
Wood preservation Termites, wood borers 60-80 ml/15 L of water Brush or spray to drip every surface of sawn timber and leave to dry.
Protection of buildings in termite endemic arears Termites 60-80 ml/15 L of water Dig shallowly along walls. Drench furrow with solution and cover. Repeat as necessary.



Fill spray tank half way with water. Pre-mix required Pyrinex-quick. Pour mixture into spray tank and agitate sprayer. Fill tank with water to the required level.


Apply Pyrinex-quick when pests are noticed. Agitate sprayer before spraying and every 5 minutes during course of spraying.


Pre-harvest interval is 14 days.