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Monsoon is an ideal partner herbicide for use in fallow (including OSST), without the volatility concerns or re-cropping limitations of some alternative herbicides.

Product packshot of Monsoon 20L from ADAMA Australia

Monsoon®: Optical Spraying Has A New Partner 

Monsoon is a unique co-formulation of two tried-and-proven active ingredients, bromoxynil and fluroxypyr. It provides complementary control of a range of problem broadleaf weeds, vines and woody weeds such as fleabane, caltrop, cowvine, volunteer cotton, bladder ketmia and saltbush.


General Info

Monsoon Herbicide At A Glance


✔ Two Modes Of Action For Complementary Control

Monsoon offers two modes of action for complementary control of problem weeds, including fleabane, caltrop, cowvine, volunteer cotton, bladder ketmia and saltbush.

✔ Optical Spot Spray Technology (OSST)

Monsoon is registered for use in summer and winter fallows, including application via OSST.

✔ Broad Tank Mix Compatibility

Monsoon has been tested for physical compatibility under constant agitation with a broad range of tank-mix partners.

✔ Minimal Impact On Re-Cropping Options

Monsoon has low volatility and relatively short plant-back intervals, maintaining crop rotation flexibility in the Northern cropping zone.

✔Additional Use Patterns

Monsoon can be applied in winter cereals (wheat and barley).

✔ An alternative to 2,4-D

In areas that are sensitive to 2,4-D use, Monsoon is a great alternative.




Application Information and Resources

Who Should Use Monsoon?

Monsoon is a new post-emergent herbicide for controlling broadleaf weeds in the Northern cropping region where winter cereals are grown in rotation with other crops, including canola, winter pulses, cotton, sorghum and mung beans.

Application Timing For Monsoon Herbicide

Monsoon is applied as a post-emergent herbicide in fallow and OSST situations, and in cereals (wheat and barley) from the 3 leaf to flag leaf (GS13-GS39) crop stage.

OSST Application

Monsoon combines bromoxynil and fluroxypyr to provide a valuable tool for controlling a broader range of weeds and resistance management with two herbicide modes of action. It is well suited for OSST application and can be mixed with other herbicides like Wipe-Out® Pro, Spraytop® 330 or Sierra® Firepower® 900, Platinum® Xtra 360 or Leopard® 200.

What Use Patterns Is Monsoon Registered For?

The registered use patterns for Monsoon are

  • Fallow
  • OSST
  • Winter cereals (wheat and barley)

What Weeds Does Monsoon Target?

Monsoon improves the control of challenging broadleaf weeds, vines and woody weeds, including:

  • Bladder Ketmia
  • Caltrop (Yellow vine)
  • Climbing buckwheat
  • Cowvine (Peach vine)
  • Fleabane
  • Saltbush
  • Volunteer cotton