SQUADRON® II (Western Canada)

A broad spectrum herbicide registered for grass and broadleaf weed control in a wide range of crops, most notably lentils, peas, chickpeas, faba beans, soybeans and potatoes. Can work alone or in combination with recommended tank mixes.

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Key crops and application rates

Metribuzin inhibits the photosynthesis of grass and broadleaf weeds. Used pre-emergent susceptible weeds and crop seedlings emerge through treated soil, but 2 – 5 days later the weeds show chlorosis and necrosis. Plants treated post-emergent show chlorosis and necrosis between leaf veins, followed by wilting and death.

Registered Crops:

Spring Barley, Spring Wheat, Dryland Winter Wheat, Field Peas, Processing Peas, Chickpeas, Lentils, Soybeans, Faba Beans, Potatoes, Potatoes – Sprinkler Irrigation, Asparagus (Established), Shelterbelts, Highbush Blueberries (Newly Planted)

Key Weeds Controlled:

Common Chickweed1,6,7, Green Smartweed1,6,7, Hemp Nettle2,6,7, Lady’s-Thumb1,6,7, Lamb’s-Quarter1,6, Redroot Pigweed1,6, Stinkweed1,6,7, Volunteer Non-Triazine-Tolerant Canola1,6,7, Wild Mustard1,6,7, Ball Mustard3,7

1 Control at 200 g/ha – POST-EMERGENCE
2 Supression at 200g/ha – POST-EMERGENCE
3 Control at 275 g/ha – POST-EMERGENCE
4 Control at 375 g/ha – POST-EMERGENCE
5 Control at 560 – 750 g/ha – POST-EMERGENCE
6 Pre-plant incorporated with Treflan™ E.C. or rival herbicide
7 Suppression only in chickpeas and lentils as POST-EMERGENCE application

Application Rates

Please refer to the label for application rates as these vary based on crop, soil type and application methods.

Regions available

Western Canada

Active ingredient