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Manage Stripe Rust in Cereal Crops with Tebuconazole-Based Fungicides

Recommendations are in place to keep an eye out for Stripe Rust as some fields have recently been found with infections. Unfortunately, this isn’t overly surprising as known pockets were found earlier in the Southern US and this disease can migrate North via the ‘Puccinia Pathway’<sup>1</sup>.

Stripe Rust is extremely virulent and has the potential to seriously impact yield.  And while many fungicides have activity on Stripe Rust, one of the most powerful actives is tebuconazole2.  Tebuconazole, like most fungicides, works best when applied preventatively, but with curative and eradicant3 activity, tebuconazole based products can provide agronomic value if Stripe Rust gets established before treatment.

 ADAMA’s fungicide lineup has 3 products containing tebuconazole for the wheat and/or cereal acre.  SORADUO™, a co-pack of tebuconazole and prothioconazole is a strong option for T3 applications.  CUSTODIA® (tebuconazole and azoxystrobin) is ideally suited for pre-heading applications (ie. later winter wheat or spring cereals).  ORIUS® 430 SC is a straight tebuconazole product and can be used at second tiller (T2) or third tiller (T3) timings.  ORIUS® 430 SC is also attractively priced, which may make it a consideration for fields that lack optimal yield potential, which unfortunately does not spare them from the windblown spores of Stripe Rust.

 For more information on the products mentioned above please click to reach ADAMA’s fungicide portfolio or reach out with any questions here.

Drew Thompson - Technical Sales Agronomist (Eastern Canada)

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