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Wheat field
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Crop Protection

Holistic Crop Protection: biological, chemical, cultural and cold-chain technology.

RNAi- A Potential Crop Protection Solution

Did you know that RNAi technology is being used for pest, disease and weed control? Learn more about this fascinating form of biocontrol.


Potato Crop Protection

Explore South Africa's diverse potato production across 9 provinces. Limpopo, Free State, and Western Cape dominate, supplying various markets


Maize Crop Protection

Maize, South Africa's key grain, thrives in diverse conditions. Annual output: 5.7 million tons white, 5.1 million tons yellow; 16 million tons in 2017


Early Weed Control for Canola

Controlling the controllable is critical to canola crop success. Discover excellent products for pre-season, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control


Exploring the Role of Crop Rotation in Sustainable Agriculture

Benefits of crop rotation include nitrogen management, weed and pest control, reduction of soil erosion, water conservation and higher yields. Learn more.


Pre-emergent weed control in wheat, barley and canola fields

Effective pre-emergent weed control in wheat, barley, and canola fields for optimal yields. ADAMA offers solutions tailored to different crops and weeds.

Rye and wheat growing in adjacent fields

Your Guide to Disease Control for Wheat and Barley

By controlling fungal plant diseases, farmers can save 125 million tons of food each year - that’s enough to feed 600 million people.


Cover Crops For Sustainable Farming

Soybeans are indigenous to Manchuria, China and are one of the five oldest cultivated crops. They were first introduced to sub-Saharan Africa by Chinese traders in the 19th century and by 1903 they were being commercially farmed in South Africa. 


Controlling aphids in Barley

Learn about the vital role of barley cultivation in South Africa and how to identify, manage, and prevent the persistent threat posed by aphid infestations