Bravo Ultrex®

Bravo Ultrex® is designed to adhere tightly to the leaf’s surface, sticking and staying where it’s sprayed for coverage you can count on, even in heavy rains. Plus, the convenient water-dispersible granule formulation makes Bravo Ultrex easy to store and easy to use.

Bravo Ultrex

Crop protection

  • Long-lasting residual control.
  • Sticks and stays on leaf surface.
  • No documented residence due to its multi-site mode of action
  • Convenient water-dispersible granule formulation.

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Active Ingredient

Chlorothalonil 82.5%

Key Targets

Broad-spectrum disease control on labeled crops

Target Crops

Peanuts, Potatoes, Vegetables

Signal Word


Group Number


Package Size

27.4 lb bag

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