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Max-Ace Rice Cropping Solution

Highcard herbicide is an integral part of the Max-Ace Rice Crop System to help rice growers maximize return and maintain weed control options.

Max-Ace + Highcard Lockup

General Info

​​​​​​The Max-Ace Rice Cropping Solution with Highcard herbicide provides:

  • Unprecedented hybrid and varietal yields
  • Superior weed and grass control
  • Maximum crop safety due to ADAMA's proprietary safened herbicide formulation

It's the perfect rotational partner for the FullPage™ Rice Cropping Solution giving growers peace of mind with flexibility and crop selectivity to control weeds and maintain herbicide options.


Rotation Options for Your Acreage. Providing Flexibility to Grow Profits.

INCLUDE SOYBEANS in the rotation for growers who choose a herbicide residual program.*
ALTERNATE the Max-Ace with FullPage Rice Cropping Systems year-to-year for growers who want to stick with rice.*
ROTATE CROPS based on what will maximize yield returns while minimizing herbicide resistance through different modes of action.*

*Observe rotational limitations for the preceding year's herbicide plan.



Excellent control of grasses & IMI resistant (weedy) rice


Highcard Herbicide Application Timing