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Soybeans Hero


Open the door to more soybean protection options

Flexible Crop Protection

Simple soybean solutions to keep you focused on the bottom line.

Herbicide Solutions


Pummel—The Most Effective, Non-PPO Soybean Herbicide

Pummel delivers long residual activity and rotation flexibility and extensive spectrum of grass, sedge and broadleaf weed control for soybeans.

Torment—Flexible Application Timing that Works with Your Schedule

Offering long-lasting residual, Torment simplifies early-season application with control of up to 45 days.

Insecticide Solutions


Silencer VXN Targets Armyworms, Cutworms, Loopers, Plant Bugs and Weevils

Silencer VXN delivers extended residual while rapidly controlling major economic pests in corn. And unlike other lambda-cy formulations, Silencer VXN has no worker skin sensitivity.

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