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Pome Fruit Hero

Pome Fruit

Ensure Sustainable Protection

Superior insect control, any way you slice it

Protect this year's crop and ensure sustainable production into the future.

Insecticide Solutions


Apollo SC Breaks the Mite Cycle By Inhibiting Egg Development

Apollo SC controls a broad spectrum of mite species, is environmentally friendly and easy on your IPM system. Get mites before they get out of hand. There are five main mite species. Any or all can create havoc in your crops—if you don't deal with them early. To learn more, watch the video.

  Cormoran For Serious Insect Protection

Cormoran provides a unique insecticide combination for targeted control of key pests in pome fruit.

Fungicide Solutions


Mastercop—No Settling, No Clogging and No Nozzle Wear

Mastercop is an easy-to-mix, time saving and tank mix-friendly copper option.

In Mastercop, ADAMA has developed a state-of-the-art technology offering a revolutionary approach to controlling fungal and bacterial diseases. To learn more, watch the video.

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