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Fruiting Vegetables Hero

Fruiting Vegetables

Grow more fruitful crops

Complete Crop Protection

ADAMA offers simple protection for your fruiting vegetables.

Fungicide Solutions


Bravo Weather Stik

Bravo Weather Stik is a broad-spectrum foliar protectant fungicide labeled for use on fruiting vegetables.

Mastercop—No Settling, No Clogging and No Nozzle Wear

Mastercop is an easy-to-mix, time saving and tank mix-friendly copper option.

Fast-acting Fulfill Prevents the Spread of Plant Viruses

Fulfill is the aphid specialist, which helps prevent the spread of persistently and non-persistently transmitted plant viruses.

Nematicide Solutions


NIMITZ—Easy to Apply, No Special Equipment Needed

NIMITZ is a highly effective, non-fumigant nematicide that simplifies every aspect of nematode control.

Harvest Aid Solutions

Harvest Aid

Pick fast and clean with ADAMA's flexible, effective harvest aids.

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