Captan Gold® 4L

Controls tough fungal diseases in pome, stone and other fruits.


Crop protection

  • Broad-spectrum, non-systemic contact fungicide that acts immediately to penetrate fungal spores.
  • Acts primarily as a protectant that offers a different mode of action, which is ideal for fungicide management. 
  • Multi-site contact activity attacking fungal protein-containing thiols (-SH groups), interfering with several chemical processes, interrupting metabolism and cell division ultimately preventing spore from germinating.

Fruits - Grapes

Nuts - Almonds

Fruits - Pome

Fruits - Stone


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Key Targets

Black Pox, Leaf Spot, Botrytis Gray Mold (Berry Rot), Mummy Berry, Botrytis Gray Mold (Berry Rot), Powdery Mildew, Scab, Black Rot, Bitter Rot, Botrytis Blossom-end Rot, Botryosphaeria Rot, Black Rot, Bulls Eye Rot, Brooks Fruit Spot, Sooty Blotch, Fly Speck

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Packaging Size

20lb 30lb 8x6.25lb 30lb

Active Ingredient