Cotoran® 4L

Provides effective control of grass and broadleaf weeds in cotton.

Crop protection

Crop Protection

  • Less Crop Stress: Preemergent residual herbicide that is easy on your cotton plants and helps reach full field potential.

  • Resistance Management: Provides broad-spectrum, consistent control of tough annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, including morning glory, lambsquarters and those resistant to glyphosate, such as pigweed, waterhemp and marestail. 

  • Residual: Alternate mode of action providing residual control up to two and a half weeks. 

  • Tank Mix: Can be tank-mixed with most herbicides. 

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Active Ingredient


Key Targets

Annual Grasses, Broadleaf Weeds, Marestail, Moringglory, Lambsquarters, Palmer Amaranth (pigweed), Waterhemp

Signal Word


Check out this infographic for more detailed information about the multiple benefits of Diamond Insecticide and Cotoran Herbicide.