Galigan® 2E

Controls or suppresses grasses and broadleaves via pre or post activity on grapes, stone fruits, olives, nuts, grasses grown for seed and some row crops.

Galigan® 2E

Crop protection

  • Ideal tank-mix partner for glyphosate or paraquat to pick up escapes.
  • A powerful residual partner in combination with Oryzalin to control 85 weeds.
  • In CA, Galigan can be applied in-season to non-dormant stone fruits, olives and almonds under several 24(c) Special Local Needs Labels* to control weed escapes alone or in a tank mix. 


*EPA SLN CA-040015 • Almonds

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Active Ingredient


Key Targets

Annual Grassy Weeds, Broadleaf Weeds, Perennial Grassy Weeds

Target Crops

Almonds, Citrus, Cole Crops, Cotton, Fallow & Pasture, Field Corn, Grapes, Grasses Grown for Seed, Nuts, Pome Fruit, Soybeans, Special Use, Stone Fruit