Zurax™ L

Contains the #1 post-applied grass active ingredient.

jug of zurax

Crop protection

Zurax L is a cost-effective new liquid formulation of quinclorac added to our line which also includes the dry product Zurax. Zurax L liquid is a simple to use formulation which gives rice growers reliable control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds.

Zurax L offers increased handling ease of use and a flexible application window as it can be applied to the soil before, during or after planting dry seeded rice. Zurax L can also be applied in a foliar manner to dry and water seeded rice for control of susceptible broadleaf and grass weeds.

Zurax L is effective for use on wheat, grain sorghum and rice

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Key Targets

Barnyardgrass, Junglerice, Broadleaf Signalgrass, Large Crabgrass, Sprangletop, Fall and Texas Panicum

Active Ingredient