Cormoran is a foliar applied ovicide/larvicide that provides both knockdown & residual control & keeps a broad range of damaging insect pests from invading key crops.

Crop protection

Cormoran. For Serious Insect Protection.
  • Controls both egg & larva of target pests
  • Two modes of action for resistance management
  • Longer protection 
  • Improved return on investment 


Target Pests: Codling moth, leafroller, leafhopper, aphid


Target Pests: Pear psylla, codling moth



Target Pests: Diamondback moth, whitefly, caterpillar


Target Pests: Aphid, caterpillar, plant bug, thrip, & whitefly

Vegetables - Fruiting

Target Pests: Caterpillar, pepper weevil, thrip, whitefly

Fruits - Stone

Target Pests: Plum curulio, San Jose scale, stink bug, aphid


Sweet Corn

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Key Targets

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Signal Word


Active Ingredients

Novaluron + Acetamiprid

Packaging Information

2x2.5 gallon case

Group Number

15 + 4A

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