Silencer® 1 EC

Silencer 1 EC

Crop protection

Silencer 1 EC is the premier generic lambda-cyhalothrin that provides fast knock-down activity on more than 50 crops, including corn, soybeans, alfalfa, vegetables, cereals and grain sorghum.

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Active Ingredient


Key Targets

Armyworms, Cutworms, Loopers, Plant Bugs, Weevils

Target Crops

Alfalfa, Almonds, Cole Crops, Cotton, Edible Beans, Field Corn, Fruiting Vegetables, Grains & Cereals, Leafy Vegetables, Oil Seeds, Peanuts, Pome Fruit, Rice, Sorghum, Soybeans, Stone Fruit, Sugarcane, Sunflowers, Sweet Corn, Tobacco, Tomatoes