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EPA Announces Final Tolerance Rule of Chlorpyrifos

According to EPA’s decision, growers must discontinue use of chlorpyrifos on registered food crops within 6 months.
Grower in Field

18 August 2020,
Raleigh, NC, US

EPA Announces Final Tolerance Rule Revoking All Crop Tolerances for Residues of Chlorpyrifos

Raleigh, North Carolina — Today, the US EPA announced that a Final Rule will be issued for chlorpyrifos, revoking all crop tolerances for residues of it on specific food and animal feed commodities. This comes in response to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit which on April 29, 2021, granted petitions previously filed by activist groups and ordered EPA to either reach a new safety finding for the presence of chlorpyrifos on food items or revoke the tolerances. While chlorpyrifos has faced increasing pressure over the years, ADAMA has stood behind the science underlying the registration of this valuable tool for growers.

Previously, ADAMA had decided to cease supply of its chlorpyrifos products (Vulcan Insecticide and Chlorpyrifos 4E) for agricultural uses. “Although Vulcan provided highly effective control of aphids, borers and worms, its popularity has waned in recent years,” said Jake Brodsgaard, VP, US. “The void is being filled by other chemistries, such as Silencer VXN, Fanfare ES, Diazinon AG500, Diamond, Cormoran, and Fulfill. The decision to discontinue supplying chlorpyrifos products was a strategic business decision that will allow ADAMA to focus on these and other newer products in its pipeline.”


What does this mean for distributors, retailers and growers?

According to EPA’s decision, growers must discontinue the use of chlorpyrifos on registered food crops within 6 months. ADAMA understands that there will be many questions surrounding this unexpected decree from our distributor and retail partners as well as growers who have used crop protection products containing chlorpyrifos. We will follow up directly with our customers as we work to understand this decision and how to address it. Questions can be submitted using this form. As we gain clarity from the EPA on outstanding questions and concerns, we will post answers to this page as well.



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