ADAMA US Acquires Bravo® Fungicides, Two Insecticides From Syngenta

05 June 2017 ,
Raleigh, NC, US

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions today announced the acquisition of a number of crop protection products in the US from Syngenta AG – the Bravo (Chlorothalonil) family of fungicides, including the products Bravo Weather Stik®, Bravo Ultrex® and Bravo® ZN, as well as the insecticides Fulfill® (Pymetrozine), Trigard® and Armor® (both containing Cyromazine).

As part of the transaction, ADAMA has acquired the product brands and related registrations as well as received the requisite active ingredient and product data to support the registrations. The products were acquired by ADAMA in connection with associated transactions related to ChemChina’s acquisition of Syngenta, which was completed in May.

Rob Williams, VP of North America at ADAMA, said, “We are excited to enhance our portfolio with these well-recognized and high-quality products. These products are distinctly complementary to our comprehensive line of well-established, highly effective solutions, alongside more specific, unique offers to support the breadth of agriculture in the USA. This acquisition will allow both the brands and our dedicated field sales and support service team to flourish in new ways as we provide an even more robust and comprehensive portfolio of solutions to our customers.”

“I am fully confident that the superior level of service as well as the quality and innovative technology that the customers of these products have grown to expect will continue under the care of ADAMA. Our global and local teams are looking forward to continuing to deliver simple, practical solutions that help farmers grow,” added Williams.

The transaction, financial details of which were not disclosed, has been completed.

About the products

Bravo ® (Chlorothalonil): This family of products offers broad-spectrum disease control on a variety of crops. With its unique Weather Stik® formation, Bravo fungicides stick and stay on plant surfaces even in rainy weather conditions for long-lasting residual control.

Fulfill ® (Pymetrozine): This insecticide offers a unique mode of action that quickly stops aphid and potato psyllid feeding within one to two hours after ingesting the active ingredient. This non-neonicotinoid alternative is easy on beneficials while helping prevent the spread of transmitted plant viruses. It is registered for use in a number of crops, including vegetables and potatoes.

Trigard ® and Armor ® (Cyromazine): As insect growth regulators (IGRs), these insecticides kill larvae before they cause damage and are excellent fits within Integrated Pest Management Programs. Trigard® provides outstanding control of leafminer larvae in vegetables and Armor ® is registered to control sciarid fly larvae in mushrooms.


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