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Mastercop from ADAMA is a broad-spectrum fungicide that you know and trust and is OMRI Listed® for organic use.

Mastercop Fungicide Jug

Crop protection 

  • BioRetain™ - Allows penetration into plant cuticle for improved performance per pound of AI. 
  • High copper bioavailability results in increased adhesion, cuticle penetration and rainfastness, which increases efficacy with minimal phytotoxicity. 
  • Instant release of copper ions for faster activity on pathogens present on the leaves. 
  • Less metallic copper applied, reducing soil loading, this fits well with EPA’s reduced metallic copper rates per acre. 
  • Easy-to-handle true liquid solution no settling, no clogging, no nozzle wear. 
  • No blue residue on your crop.
BioRetain Graphic
What is BioRetain?
It is a next-generation formulation technology that delivers efficient use of smaller copper particles to the plant. This means better spray coverage with uniform & quick distribution of copper metallic ions as well as an improved uptake system
It permits more bio-available copper to penetrate the cuticle and adhere to the plant’s surface. With broad-spectrum protection and multi-site activity, it is ideal for Integrated Pest Management programs.
copper on leaf
Does Mastercop have better leaf retention/absorption versus the competition?
Yes! BioRetain’s novel uptake system enhances leaf adhesion, penetration to stay where it’s sprayed, retention and bio-availability while providing superior safety to the crop.
reduced fruit staining
Does Mastercop mark fruit like traditional coppers?
No! With its low percentage of metallic copper and because it’s already 100% soluble in water, Mastercop is pH independent which significantly reduces phytoxocity and eliminates coating and staining on fruits.