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Direx® 4L

A broad-spectrum liquid formulation of Diuron.

Direx 4L Herbicide Jug

Crop protection 

  • Diuron Preference:  Direx 4L is historically the growers' diuron brand of choice because of its tried and true premium formulation designed to handle and handle easily.
  • Versatile:  Direx 4L can be used to control most broadleaf and grass weeds applied pre-plant, pre-emerge or post, direct from 6-inch cotton to layby.
  • Controls Resistant Weeds:  Widely recommended as an effective method for managing glyphosate-resistant Palmer pigweed and marestail or horseweed in cotton.
  • Residual Activity:  Provides up to three and a half weeks of control on target weeds including pigweed and marestail.
  • Crop Safety:  Very good crop safety in cotton when used according to the label in a burndown, preemergence or layby application.