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A cost-effective postemergence herbicide.

Palouse Jug

What is Palouse herbicide?

Palouse is a selective postemergence herbicide for control of important broadleaf weeds infesting a range of crops including corn, sorghum, onions and cereals.


  • Trusted performance growers expect
  • Powerful with novel mode of action
  • Cost-effective control option

Application Best Management Practices

  • Optimum weed control is obtained when Palouse is applied to actively growing weed seedlings.
  • Thorough coverage of the weed seedlings is essential for optimum control as it’s primarily a contact herbicide.
  • Reduce the potential for (temporary) leaf burn by applying to dry foliage at the recommended spray volumes per acre when weather conditions are not extreme.


Palouse - Corn Application Chart
Palouse - Corn Application Chart
Palouse - Sorghum Application Chart
Palouse - Sorghum Application Chart