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A pre-emergence herbicide with two modes of action and a proven chemistry for weed control.

Tailwind Herbicide Jug

Crop protection 

Tailwind pre-emergence herbicide delivers a weed control solution in both soybeans and potatoes. Plus, it is specifically formulated to deliver early-season control of more than 40 species of grasses and broadleaf weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate and ALS inhibitors. 

  • Performance: Equivalent performance to Boundary® provides confidence in familiar weed control.  
  • Two residual modes of action: Protects and mitigates hassle of managing tough resistant weeds.  
  • Compatibility: Mixes favorably with premium formulations of glyphosate.  
  • Rotational Partner: Provides peace of mind by eliminating carryover issues in rotational crops.