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Apollo® SC

The first step for mite control in nuts, grapes and other various fruits. This ovicide/miticide breaks the mite cycle by inhibiting egg development.

Apollo SC Insecticide Jug

Crop Protection 

  • Apply Early: Prevent the proliferation of mites with an early application of Apollo. It offers contact and long-lasting residual control of eggs and early larval stages of mites. 
  • Limit Rescue Applications: Applying Apollo early can prevent the expenses, hassle and disruption of stand-alone rescue miticide applications.   
  • Broad Spectrum: Controls susceptible mite species in the egg and early larval stage. Effective against Two-spotted Spider Mite, European Red Mite, McDaniel Mite, Pacific Mite and Willamette Spider Mite. 
  • This proven ovicide/miticide is not active on beneficials, predatory mites. Provides an ideal fit in IPM systems. 
  • Ease of Handling: Low use rates of 6 to 8 fl oz. give the growers the flexibility to increase lengths of control by adjusting the rate. For each additional ounce of Apollo used, you can expect approximately seven days of additional control.