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With NIMITZ CA, California growers now have a novel non-fumigant option for controlling plant-parasitic nematodes, leading to increased crop health and improved...


The Hidden Enemy

  • 20,000 species of nematodes have been identified so far.
  • 10% of all described nematode species are plant-parasitic.
  • 90% of plant parasitic nematodes are root feeders.
  • Root-knot nematodes are the most yield robbing nematodes.

With nematodes, you don’t know you’ve been robbed of your yield until it’s too late. If you had problems last year, make sure you have the assurance you’re doing all you can to protect your crops for this year. 


NIMITZ Treated Cucumbers
Cucumbers treated via drip irrigation
NIMITZ on Peppers (left)
Pepper treated on the left. Non-treated on the right.

Southern root-knot nematode is a microscopic, unsegment roundworm that infects a wide variety of host plants across the United States. The map above from Crop Protection Network summarizes its distribution in the field crops and excludes home gardens, high tunnels, greenhouses, and nurseries where it would be artificially protected from winter temperatures. Click here to view their map.