ADAMA GA - Operations

It all begins and ends with Safety. The expectation is everyone goes home in the same condition that they report for work.

Safety, Quality, Efficiency

Process Safety Management is a proactive systematic process of identification, evaluation and mitigation or prevention of chemical releases and injuries that could occur as a result of failures in process, procedures or equipment. 

The OSHA PSM program contains 14 basic elements: 

 1. Employee Participation 

 2. Process Hazard analysis (PHA) 

 3. Training 

 4. Pre-start Up Safety Review 

 5. Hot Work Permits 

 6. Incident Investigation 

 7. Compliance Audit 

 8. Process Safety Information 

 9. Operating Procedures 

10. Contractors 

11. Mechanical Integrity 

12. Management of Change 

13. Emergency Planning 

14. Trade Secrets

Quality Reporting

• Off Spec Rate (NRTFT)

• Rework/Reprocessing/Repackaging

• Reject/Return Rate

• Complaint Rate

• IIR/CARs Generated

• Quality SelfAssessment and Audits


• IKA rotor/stator shear pump technology

• Debottlenecking laboratory testing 

• Improved mixing in vessels 

• New packaging lines