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ADAMA GA - Tifton

ADAMA GA - Tifton

Herbicide Plant


Wettable Powder / WDG Pan Granulation Unit

This formulation facility is a continuous process system designed to blend and fine mill wettable powders that can be packaged as wettable powders or continue processing by feeding the powder on to the pan granulation process where dust free products can be produced. Active ingredients and inerts can be charged from drums, bags and supersacks.

Suspension Concentrate (SC) – 3 Units

We have 3 SC/ Flowable formulation facilities at our site with the capability of micro grinding solids down to 1 micron size utilizing either one or more of our 200 liter Premier, 200 liter Netzch, Sandmills and Attritor mills. We have stainless steel jacketed/cooled grind tanks, stainless steel pack tanks, and stainless steel adjustment tanks.

Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)

We have a 3,000 gallon stainless steel batch tank equipped with an agitator for consistent formulated products. Stainless steel piping is used for product transfers. Solvents used in formulations can be received by bulk truck and bulk rail into one of our 10,000 gallon solvent tanks where it can be directly piped to batch tank. Once the material is batched the material is transferred to a steel 5,000 gallon stainless adjustment tank.

Soluble Liquids (SL)

We use a poly tank for formulating technical and water. Water is metered and weighed and is mixed with the technical with a 200 RPM mixer. The tank is on weigh cells for accurate product formulation. From the formulating tank the material is pumped to the 5,000 gallon poly tank.

Formulation Support

Drum Heating - When there is a need to liquefy material in drums the site has two drum heating cabinets capable of accommodating 12-55 gallon drums. Dry heat is thermostatically controlled.

Bulk Storage - A total of 73,000 gallon of bulk storage is available for bulk truck or rail.

Rail Siding - The Tifton site has a rail spur if needed.