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Sorghum Field
Join us on Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 3PM Central

Winfield United

Click on the link below on Thursday, March 17 at 3PM Central for the Winfield United herbicide training with ADAMA's Dave Feist.

ADAMA Speaker

Dave Feist is the ADAMA Product & Seed Collaboration Strategy Leader. He has led the development of the ADAMA partnerships with both RiceTec and S&W Seed Co. He has a deep background in product development, marketing, sales, and strategic planning & execution experience.

Dave Feist

Topics of Discussion

  • Double Team Sorghum Cropping Solution with FirstAct Herbicide
  • Max-Ace Rice Cropping Solution with Highcard Herbicide
  • Q&A
Double Team and Max-Ace System Logo Lockups