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Altona Cheque Presentation

ADAMA Canada Donates To Help Build Girls’ Dressing Room At Altona’s Skating Rink

Altona, MB, 2023 – ADAMA Canada announced a donation of $3,000 to Altona Minor Hockey to build a girls’ dressing room at the local skating rink.
Altona Cheque Presentation

The number of girls interested in playing hockey is growing, and currently there isn’t a proper dressing room for girls to change in. This means they have to take turns in the boys’ dressing room or find somewhere else to change. The new girls’ dressing room take over what was once storage room, and it will have a shower and bathroom.

“We’re so happy to see more girls excited to play hockey, and we don’t want to diminish that excitement because they have to change in the boys’ room,” said Wes Hildebrand. “ADAMA’s donation means they can have a comfortable space to change before and after games and practices, which we hope will encourage girls to continue playing hockey in the years to come.”

“ADAMA is proud to support our customers not only in the field but also in their communities.” says Andrew Kaminsky, ADAMA’s Area Business Manager, “It’s a great feeling to know we can be a part of making communities better, the Altona rink project is a great example of this and why we started the ALL IN On Your Stomping Ground initiative,” 

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