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Swan River Ski Club Turning All-Season With The Help Of Donation From ADAMA

A donation of $5,000 was received by Thunder Hill Ski Club Inc. to turn the ski club into an all-season destination. This donation is part of All In On Your Stomping Grounds, ADAMA’s new initiative to help fund community projects across the country.

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The project involved building a chalet, a land-based learning trail, a firepit area and an outdoor classroom that can be used during the warmer months at Thunder Hill Ski Club, which is located roughly 250 kilometers northwest of Riding Mountain National Park. The chalet will provide a safe meeting place, adequate outdoor seating and accessible washrooms for guests.

“We’re excited to have the club open year-round because we see how much it brings the community together during the winter,” said Robert Ter Horst,  Thunder Hill Ski Club. “With ADAMA’s donation, visitors will have a place to socialize, learn and hike, which the community will be very grateful for.”

“We could tell how important it was for ADAMA to support the Thunder Hill Ski Club Inc. on this project,” said Neil Abrahamson, Area Business Manager for ADAMA Canada. “Initiatives that bring communities together like this are the reason we wanted to create All In On Your Stomping Grounds.

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