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 Warner Curling Rink

ADAMA Canada Rocks Warner Curling Club With A “Sweeping” $10k Donation

Warner, AB, 2023 – ADAMA Canada announced a donation of $10,000 to the Warner Curling Club for repairs to the building and rink.
 Warner Curling Rink

The money will be used to replenish funds from various improvement projects over the past four years. The curling club required repairs for its condenser, pumps, compressor and chiller, as well as the building’s roof, duct system and plumbing, which were necessary in order to remain open. The rink is used extensively by curling leagues of all ages and hosts bonspiels every season. 

“We took a big financial hit from the pandemic but we had to make these repairs to the club for the safety and comfort of everyone,” said Jamie Metzger. “With ADAMA’s contribution, we can worry less about the cost and focus more on residents and visitors enjoying the club.”

“Projects like this are costly and we could see how important it was to support the Warner Curling Club on this initiative,” said Craig Olson, Area Business Manager for ADAMA Canada. “Warner is a prominent agriculture community, which means they’ve supported ADAMA in larger ways. This is one way we can say thank you for contributing to our business’ success.” 

About ADAMA 

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