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“Pre-seed Vs. Post-harvest: How to get the best perennial weed control”

When’s the best time to control tough perennials like dandelion and Canada thistle? We weighed the pros and cons of both options in this convenient whitepaper.
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Here’s an excerpt

“…Dandelions spread through seedlings, but it’s the combination of dandelion seed and rootstock regrowth that can cause the weed’s population to swell in a field. Spring tillage can make the problem worse by dicing up dandelion roots in the soil that then go on to produce new shoots.

This regrowth means that pre-seed herbicide applications may be less effective for controlling dandelion populations than spraying after harvest. That’s because post-harvest applications are capable of controlling established dandelion plants, emerged seedlings and those plants that emerged from rootstock earlier in the year…”

Here are just a few of the topics we cover

Weather Considerations:

  • How should your strategy change based on frost conditions?
  • How established do weeds need to be to make your spray worthwhile?

Nutrient Flow:

  • When is the best time to take advantage of nutrient translocation to control perennials?
  • How do weather conditions, like frost and moisture, affect nutrient flow?

Chemical Control:

  • When is glyphosate most effective on perennials?
  • What glyphosate tank-mix partners should you consider in the spring vs. the fall?