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ADAMA Canada Donates $2,500 To Help Improve Macoun's Ball Diamond

ADAMA Canada announced a donation of $2,500 to Macoun Minor Ball to improve its local ball diamond. This donation is part of All In On Your Stomping Grounds, a new ADAMA initiative to help fund community projects across the country.
Kim - Maccoun Minor Ball.jpg

There’s a growing number of children who have started playing ball in Macoun and area, a village 175 kilometers southeast of Regina, and the village expects that number to grow more in coming years. The Macoun diamond requires upgrades to the bleachers, dugouts and pathways to accommodate the growing demand.

“We love seeing so many kids excited to play baseball and we want to give them the best experience possible,” said Becca Anderson, Macoun Minor Ball. “With ADAMA’s donation, we can start making those improvements that will allow the community to play ball for years to come.”

“We know it can be difficult for small-town initiatives to receive funding, but we see how important they are to the community,” said Kim Fowler, Area Business Manager for ADAMA Canada. “We want to support the communities that have supported us in some way or another, which is why we wanted to create All In On Your Stomping Grounds. We’re looking forward to using the fund to continue to help improve communities all over Canada.” 

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