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Fungicide Application for Blackleg in Canola

If your canola field has a history of blackleg, it is beneficial to apply a fungicide to offer protection.

In fields seeded to canola without knowledge of the blackleg strains present, seeding a canola hybrid without blackleg resistance or a tight rotation; a foliar fungicide can help decrease this risk. 

Moist conditions, as seen across the prairies this spring, can elevate the spread of blackleg spores and promote fungal growth. It is best to spray for blackleg on the earlier side of the label recommendation, around the 2-leaf stage to see the largest ROI.

BUMPER® 432 EC (Group 3) is a great and safe option to add to your first pass herbicide application.  As with any fungicide, water volumes should be kept at the recommended rate to see the best results.

Product Information

Fungicide Product Active Ingredient Ac/unit Rate
BUMPER® 432 EC Propiconazole 40 ac/jug 120ml/ac

Melissa Ostash - Technical Sales Agronomist (Manitoba)

Always read and follow pesticide label directions. Any questions can be directed to your local Area Business Manager or Technical Sales Agronomist here.


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Technical Information

Blackleg Tech Sheet