One of the best ways to ensure maximum yield potential is to start your season with a clean field. ADAMA is pleased to offer a wide variety of pre-seed options to help you get ahead of your weed competitors and start out right!


As the newest member of our innovative pre-seed family, ADAMA is excited to welcome EMPHASIS



MULTI-CROP REGISTRATION: EMPHASIS® provides outstanding early weed protection for Canada’s most popular crops including canola, wheat, barley, and oats.              

EARLY WEED CONTROL SPECIALIST: Early control of yield robbers like volunteer canola. Volunteer canola ranks as one of the most abundant weeds in Western Canada and because it can germinate at low temperatures well ahead of the planted crop it can have a significant impact on yield.  Volunteer canola is most likely to reduce crop yield if it emerges prior to crop emergence or up to 2.5 weeks after crop emergence. Volunteer canola competes with the crop for resources like water, nutrients and sunlight.

ELIMINATING HOST FOR PESTS: Get rid of the host, minimize the pest. Volunteer canola can be an early host for both insects like flea beetles as well as diseases like blackleg. Getting rid of the host prior to seeding canola gives it a fighting chance early on.

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT: Utilizing three different modes of action (Groups 14 & 6) when tank-mixed with glyphosate (Group 9), EMPHASIS® controls weeds that are resistant to other herbicide technologies and system-tolerant volunteer canola.

BROAD SPECTRUM CONTROL: At the high rate, EMPHASIS® + glyphosate control over 70 grass and broadleaf weeds prior to cereals.

FLEXIBLE RECROPPING: Can immediately plant canola, spring wheat (including durum), winter wheat, barley, fall rye, oats, triticale and corn. Within 1 month of application, there are no restrictions. 


Get ahead of the weeds before they get ahead of you.


ADAMA Pre-Seed Solutions





A ticking time bomb

You just never know when seeds in the soil bank will suddenly decide to germinate and emerge – and if they get far enough ahead of your crop, it can lead to a disaster. It’s been well documented that a single weed emerging one week ahead of the crop has the same economic impact as 100 weeds emerging three weeks after the crop – making a quality pre-seed burn application worth its weight in gold.


Elements of an Effective Pre-Seed Burn

  1. Multiple modes of action – for effective resistance management 
  2. Flexible re-cropping options – that leave your options open 
  3. Tank-mix friendly products – that can be used within your existing spray program 
  4. Residual control – for later emerging weed competitors in non-competitive crops
  5. Watch the weather – weeds need to be actively growing, so calm sunny days are best for application


Backed by the largest library of active ingredients in the world, ADAMA pre-seed solutions offer a wide range of options to deal with your greatest weed challenges.


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